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Bitcoin Trading in USA

Bitcoin trading is one of the most popular money making methods out there today. If you are looking for an enduring way to make money online, then there is no better way to go about that than bitcoin investment. Many people in the United States are already making money from it and you too can make money from it. In fact, bitcoin investment can make you a billionaire over time, provided you have aces to the right trading strategy. There are so many strategies that you can adopt to trade bitcoin successfully, but you must properly assess each of the available strategies and choose only the one that perfectly suits you.

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In the rest of this write-up, we will give you some helpful tips on how to start trading bitcoin in the United States.

Steps to follow

First of all, you should open an account with a bitcoin exchange. There are many of them being used by those involved in bitcoin trading in the United States; Coinbase is one of them. The exchange is the wallet where your bitcoin will be stored and the registration process is very easy.

You should enable two-factor authentication so that the wallet can be secure. The last part of the registration involves verifying your account through a link sent to your email address

Once your bitcoin wallet is ready, you should deposit money into it and you can deposit in the USD since you have opened the account in the United States. You can transfer money from your bank account directly into the bitcoin wallet and the process is usually hassle-free.

Next, search for the Buy/Sell link at the top of your screen and click on it. Browse the page for bitcoin and then like on Buy BTC. Next, enter the amount of bitcoin that you want to buy and you can also enter the amount in the form of USD; it will be automatically converted so that you can start your bitcoin trading in earnest. Afterward, click on Buy BTC and online trading

You can then register an account with a BTC trading platform regulated in the USA and transfer the amount you want to trade into the platform where you can start your bitcoin trading and making a profit following your trading strategy.